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Hinged Knee Sleeve

Hinged Knee Sleeve

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This Hinged Knee Sleeve is manufactured from Coolmax and Airprene.

These fabrics are supportive, elastic and breathable, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit around the knee.

A hole in the patella section allows a normal range of motion.

Two simple straps secure the Hinged Knee Sleeve in place on either the right or left knee.

A metal hinge on either side offers enhanced bracing and stability.

These can be removed if required.

The sleeve can be used to treat a range of ailments, including strains, sprains, patella instability, arthritis and bursitis.

Small: 33-36cm (13-14 1/4 inch).

Medium: 36-38cm (14 1/4-15 inch).

Large: 38-43cm (15-17 inch).

Extra large: 43-48cm (17-19 inch).

*Size refers to knee circumference.

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