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Kitchen Slicing Helper

Kitchen Slicing Helper

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The Kitchen Slicing Helper is fantastic cookery tool which allows precise and effortless slicing of various foods.

It is specially designed for people who have reduced grip strength, hand or arm function, or use of only one hand.

The Kitchen Slicing Helper is incredibly easy to use: simply place the piece of food in the flexible clamp, and guide the knife in between the metal slots for safe and accurate slices every time.

This durable tool can hold many everyday items such as onions, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, fruits or cheeses, and is easy to wash between foods.

The Kitchen Slicing Helper also features feet on the base, providing extra stability while chopping.

The clamp can be safely closed and locked when in not in use.

A brilliant tool for anyone with reduced dexterity in the hands, this slicing aid provides skill development opportunities and independence in the kitchen.

Length: 190mm (7 inch).

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