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Kylie Bedsheets

Kylie Bedsheets

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The Kylie Bedsheets are a high quality range of incontinence bed sheets, designed to protect the user and the bed linen throughout the night.

The protective sheet is simply placed over the top sheet of the bed, and secured in place with convenient tuck-in flaps.

This forms a comfortable and discreet barrier with a high level of absorbency.

The Kylie Bedsheets are constructed from layers of one-way absorbent material that help keep skin dry, while preventing leaks onto the sheets underneath.

Kylie Bedsheets can simply be washed on a standard cycle up to 200 times, without reducing their absorbency.

Three sizes are available, all with a waterproof backing and tuck-in flaps. All in Blue.

Kylie Type Two: 91cm x 74cm (35.25 x 29 inch).

Absorbency: 2 litres.

Kylie Type Three: 91cm x 91cm (36 x 36 inch).

Absorbency: 3 litres.

Kylie Type Four: 139cm x 91cm (54 x 36 inch).

Absorbency: 4 litres.

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