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L.O.T.C.A.-G Battery

L.O.T.C.A.-G Battery

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The L.O.T.C.A.-G Battery (Loewenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment) is a medically-approved set of cognitive skill tests that assist in the evaluation of patients with a brain injury.

This new and updated model is aimed specifically at patients in the age range of 70 to 91 years.

The tests have been modified to suit the needs of more elderly patients, with enlarged components that are easier to see and feel.

The L.O.T.C.A.-G Battery gives a thorough and reliable profile of a patient's cognitive abilities, assisting the therapist with treatment planning.

The adapted 20 tests specialise in four areas: visual and spatial perception, orientation, visual motor organisation and thinking operations. 

Memory sub tests are included in this model, considering important factors which influence the ageing process.

The all-inclusive pack has a wide range of stimulating tasks to engage with, such as coloured blocks, a peg and pegboard set, card decks, scissors, and a handy 56-page manual.

All items are packed into a convenient carry case.

The L.O.T.C.A.-G Battery is a successful resource for Occupational Therapists, effectively measuring cognitive progress in a wide range of patients.

It can give clarity and confidence to anyone within the therapeutic setting, supporting patients and their carers with valuable information.

Dimensions: 340 x 250 x 80mm (13 1/2 x 9 3/4 x 3 1/4 inch).

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