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Large Lotion Applicator

Large Lotion Applicator

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The Large Lotion Applicator is an ideal bathroom accessory for people who find it difficult to wash independently.

The long-handled showering aid helps reach awkward places such as the back or toes, minimising the risk of straining or slipping.

The handle is shaped for simplicity of use, and features a wide area that is easy to grip.

The sponge pad is soft and absorbent, and has a large area to help apply shower gels or lotions.

The pad attaches to the handle with an easy hook and loop strip, allowing easy removal for cleaning.

The Large Lotion Applicator is a hygienic, safe and long-lasting bathroom aid which takes the strain out of personal cleaning.

It is ideal for elderly or disabled people who wish to bathe or shower with independence.

Please note that colours may vary.

Length: 380mm (15 inch).

Weight: 130g.

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