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Long Knee Brace

Long Knee Brace

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The Long Knee Brace provides complete support and stability to the knee joint and surrounding area.

This extra long version measures 40cm in length, providing excellent medial and lateral support from all angles.

It is made from CoolMax, a breathable material that has excellent shape-holding and flexible properties.

The design incorporates a large front opening which allows easy application, suiting people with Arthritis or muscle tremors.

Metal side hinges are also included, giving complete stability that allows a range of gentle motion.

The Long Knee Brace is easy to fasten using the upper and lower touch-close straps.

The fastenings attach in opposite directions to help prevent the brace from slipping.

Removable hinges are included to suit individual requirements.

The Long Knee Brace can be used on the left or right leg, and is suitable for machine washing.

Colour: Beige.

A range of sizes, colour and material options are available for the Long Knee Brace.

It is ideal for providing stability to the knee joint for a range of therapeutic aims, including Medio Lateral Stability and Patella Control, Osteoathritis, or Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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