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Long-Loop Easi-Grip Scissors

Long-Loop Easi-Grip Scissors

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The Long-Loop Easi-Grip Scissors are specially adapted for people with Arthritis, a weaker grip or muscle tremors.

Their lightweight design halves the effort required to cut a variety of items, owing to the automatic spring opening fitted to the blades.

The handle has an enlarged loop shape which allows the middle, ring and little fingers to be used together, maximising control.

The index finger can be placed outside the loop to help guide the scissors with ease.

Only a light amount of pressure is required to operate the scissors, needing gentle squeezing of the thumb and fingers.

A blade guard is included for safety when the scissors are not in use.

The Long-Loop Easi-Grip Scissors are ideal for the home, school or art therapy environment, giving independence to people with compromised dexterity or grip strength.

Length: 45mm (1.5 inch).

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