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Long Reach Trowel

Long Reach Trowel

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The Long Reach Trowel is a specially designed tool that enables easier gardening from a seated position.

The long handle has an ergonomically shaped hand-grip which encourages the hand and wrist to remain in a natural position, minimising the risk of strain whilst gardening.

Gardening from a comfortable seated position is possible thanks to the extended reach of the handle.

It has soft yet non-slip feel which provides excellent comfort and control.

The Long Reach Trowel is a safe and effective gardening tool which gives independence to users with limited mobility.

Overall length: 87cm (34 1/4 inch).

Weight: 568g.

It is recommended that the Long Reach Trowel is used with arm support cuff, which increases control through increased use of your forearm strength. 

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