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Magiplug Sink Plug

Magiplug Sink Plug

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The Magiplug Sink Plug is a smart household device which helps prevent flooding or scalding if taps are left unattended.

A sensitive, pressure-activated system allows water to flow through the plug if an excess of water is detected.

If the sink or bath becomes overfilled, the pressure valve opens to release excess water with instant effect.

This valve will close when the bath is filled to an optimum level, helping you save water.

The Magiplug Sink Plug Plug also features a colour-changing system which warns uses when water may be too hot.

It is sensitive to temperature changes between 32 and 41 degrees Celsius, ensuring you are protected from burns or scalding.

The Magiplug Sink Plug Plug provides a simple, easy way to monitor water levels in your kitchen or bathroom, giving peace of mind to users with a condition such as Dementia.

Overall dimensions: 70mm (2 3/4 inch).

Weight: 71g (2 1/2 ounces).

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