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PAB Tender Touch

PAB Tender Touch

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The PAB Tender Touch provides the ultimate quality in bedding protectors, suiting anyone with allergies, mild incontinence or interrupted sleep.

It creates a fantastically soft, breathable and luxurious sleeping surface which protects the mattress from incontinence leaks, and the user from dust mites or other allergens.

Designed especially for sensitive skin, the unique Tencel material is smoother and more absorbent than cotton, stronger than polyester and as soft as silk.

Tencel works its magic by drawing moisture away from the surface of the skin into the inside of the fibre, then ensuring fast and effective evaporation back into the air.

This innovative cycle creates a clean, cool, and hygienic surface which is ideal for use with memory foam.

The PAB Tender Touch is available in four different sizes to suit all beds, and as a Pillow Protector.

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