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Patient Handling Belt

Patient Handling Belt

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The Patient Handling Belt helps the carer maintain a stable, safe and supportive grip onto a patient during position transfers.

They assist with the posture of both carer and patient, facilitating transfer and ensuring a high level of safety.

The Patient Handling Belt is designed for maximum patient comfort at all times.

The inner fabric of the belt is soft and breathable, giving a non-restrictive yet secure feeling against clothing.

The Patient Handling Belt can be machine washed up to 71 degrees Celsius.

Five types are available (measurements are waist size):

Small: 55-75cm (22 – 30 inch).

Medium: 65-90cm (26 – 36 inch).

Large: 85-110cm (34 – 44 inch).

Extra Large: 110-125cm (44 – 50 inch).

Universal: 55-125cm (22 – 50 inch).

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