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Red Handled Cutlery

Red Handled Cutlery

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This Red Handled Cutlery range has large, built-up handles.

They also have flexible ribbing, making them easy and comfortable to grasp.

This makes the Red Handled Cutlery useful for people with reduced hand function.

To make them easy to see, the cutlery has bright red handles.

This makes them ideal for people with vision impairments and memory problems.

A stainless steel design makes the shafts strong and safe for the dishwasher.

The cutlery can be supplied separately or in a pack of four.


Length: 190mm (7 inch).

Weight: 64g (2 1/2oz).

Dessert spoon

Length: 213mm (8 inch).

Weight: 78g (2 3/4oz).


Length: 203mm (8 inch).

Weight: 71g (2 1/2oz).

Rocker knife

Length: 216mm (8 inch).

Weight: 80g (2 3/4oz).

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