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Semi Rigid Collar

Semi Rigid Collar

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This Semi Rigid Collar can be worn around the neck.

It provides support and stability to the neck, and is ideal after an injury or operation.

The collar is suitable for wearing during sleep.

It is constructed from high-density foam for firmness.

A stockinette cover makes the Semi Rigid Collar comfortable and it is also contoured to fit the chin and neck.

Extra small

Neck circumference: 26-30cm (10 1/4-12 inch).

Length: 39cm (16 inch).

Front depth: 6cm (2 1/4 inch).


Neck circumference: 30-34cm (12-13 1/2 inch).

Length: 42cm (16 3/4 inch).

Front depth: 9cm (3 3/4 inch).


Neck circumference: 34-39cm (13 1/2-16 inch).

Length: 46cm (18 1/4 inch).

Front depth: 9cm (3 3/4 inch).


Neck circumference: 39-43cm (16-17 inch).

Length: 53cm (21 inch).

Front depth: 9cm (3 3/4 inch).

Extra large

Neck circumference: 43-48cm 17-19 1/4 inch).

Length: 57cm (23 inch).

Front depth: 10cm (4 inch).

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