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Sherwood Perching Stools

Sherwood Perching Stools

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This range of Sherwood Perching Stools is ideal for people with poor balance and mobility.

They can be used in the shower to make bathing safer and less difficult.

The stools can also be used throughout the house as an easily accessible seat.

Padding on the seats ensures comfort and they are also tilted forward slightly to make them easier to rise from.

The legs of the Sherwood Perching Stools are splayed to make them extra secure and stable.

Non-slip rubber ferrules help to stop the stools from shifting around.

A range of different versions are available, including a stool with armrests, backrest and additional padding.

Seat size: 355 x 295mm (14 x 11 1/2 inch).

Width between arms: 415mm (16 1/4 inch).

Max safe user weight: 153kg (24 stone).

Fixed height

Base footprint: 430 x 475mm (17 x 18 3/4 inch).

Height: 610mm (24 inch).

Weight: 3.6kg (1/2 stone).

Adjustable height

Leg height: 610-760mm (24-30 inch).

Seat height: 500-645mm (19 3/4-25 1/2).

Base footprint (low): 430 x 418mm (17 x 16 1/2 inch).

Base footprint (high): 508 x 470mm (20 x 18 1/2 inch).

Adjustable with arms

Weight: 4.8kg (3/4 stone).

Adjustable with back and arms

Weight: 5.4kg (3/4 stone).

Luxury with back and arms

Weight: 5.9kg (1 stone).

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