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Trekker Gait Trainer Accessories

Trekker Gait Trainer Accessories

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These Trekker Gait Trainer Accessories make the trainer more effective and comfortable.

The Trekker Gait Trainer itself is available separately. This page is only for the accessories.

These accessories are special order items so are non-returnable if unsuitable.

They include a hip positioner, trunk support and thigh prompts.

The positioner offers comfort and support to the legs and aids in weight bearing.

A cushioned design makes the trunk support comfortable.

It helps to keep the torso at the correct angle.

The thigh prompts aid in proper walking mechanics.

They also prevent excessive leg abduction or adduction.

All of the Trekker Gait Trainer Accessories are easy to fit and high quality.

Hip Positioner and Pad

Crotch length small: 63mm (2 1/2 inch).

Crotch length large: 89mm (3 1/2 inch).

Crotch width small: 32mm (1 1/4 inch).

Crotch width large: 44mm (1 3/4 inch).

Length small: 229mm (9 inch).

Length large: 279mm (11 inch).

Trunk Support

Small circumference: 355-711mm (14-28 inch).

Medium circumference: 558-1016mm (22-40 inch).

Large circumference: 711-1270mm (28-50 inch).

Small height: 114mm (4 1/2 inch).

Medium height: 165mm (6 1/2 inch).

Large height: 203mm (8 inch).

Thigh Prompts

Bracket to strap small: 127-203mm (5-8 inch).

Bracket to strap large: 127-279mm (5-11 inch).

Max leg circumference small: 381mm (15 inch).

Max leg circumference large: 508mm (20 inch).

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