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Trotter Pushchair

Trotter Pushchair

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The Trotter Pushchair is designed for children that require enhanced support.

It has large wheels that allow it to be used outside.

The seat is comfortable and adjustable footrests provide additional stability.

A pelvic harness makes the Trotter Pushchair safe and secure.

The angle of the back can be adjusted for optimal positioning.

A range of additional accessories can also be supplied including extra support tools, a storage bag and a rain canopy.

Back angle: 85, 90 or 95 degrees.

Seat angle: 15-22 degrees.


Seat width: 300mm (12 inch).

Seat depth: 300-350mm (12-14 inch).

Back height: 510mm (20 inch).

Seat height: 560mm (22 inch).

Weight: 8.6kg (1 1/4 stone).

Max safe user weight: 34kg (5 stone).


Seat width: 350mm (14 inch).

Seat depth: 300-380mm (12-15 inch).

Back height: 580mm (23 inch).

Seat height: 580mm (23 inch).

Weight: 9.5kg (1 1/2 stone).

Max safe user weight: 45kg (7 stone).


Seat width: 410mm (16 inch).

Seat depth: 350-410mm (14-16 inch).

Back height: 610mm (24 inch).

Seat height: 610mm (24 inch).

Weight: 11kg (1 3/4 stone).

Max safe user weight: 77kg (12 stone).

Extra Large

Seat width: 460mm (18 inch).

Seat depth: 380-430mm (15-17 inch).

Back height: 640mm (25 inch).

Seat height: 640mm (25 inch).

Weight: 13.6kg (2 stone).

Max safe user weight: 114kg (18 stone).

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