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Visual Effects Sensory Bag

Visual Effects Sensory Bag

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Our Visual Effects Sensory Bag is designed to be used in tactile and sensory therapy.

It is suitable for children and adults with learning difficulties.

The bag contains a variety of interesting and unusual objects.

Some of the items provide excitement, others are more calming and this allows a range of different applications.

Included in the Visual Effects Sensory Bag is:

• 1 x Drawstring Bag.

• 4 x Jump Bean Motions.

• 1 x Spiral Tube.

• 1 x Multi Liquid Motion.

• 1 x Colour Motion.

• 1 x Ball Kaleidoscope.

• 3 x Dinki Glitter Tubes.

• 1 x Spiral Glitter Tube.

• 1 x Magnifying Glass.

• 3 x Ooze Tubes.

• 1 x Dancing Party.

• 1 x Liquid Cell Timer.

• 3 x Liquid Timers.

• 3 x Magic Eyes.

• 1 x Eye Scope.

• 1 x Switch Ball.

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