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Ashby Adjustable Commode Stool

Ashby Adjustable Commode Stool

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The Ashby Adjustable Commode Stool is a discreet means of providing a toilet option.

It has a cushioned seat and sturdy metal frame.

The seat can be removed to reveal a plastic seat and commode pan.

To enable easy cleaning and emptying, the pan can be removed.

The legs of the Ashby Adjustable Commode Stool are height-adjustable to suit each user.

Seat height: 450-575mm (17 1/2-22 1/2 inch).

Seat width: 460mm (18 inch).

Seat depth: 400mm (15 inch).

Height: 675-780mm (26-30 inch).

Width: 500mm (20 inch).

Depth: 480mm (19 inch).

Footprint: 500 x 480mm (20 x 19 inch).

Weight: 5.5kg (3/4 stone).

Max safe load: 160kg (25 stone).

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