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Boccia Game Pack

Boccia Game Pack

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The Boccia Game Pack is an internationally recognised game that is played at the Paralympics.

It can be enjoyed by groups of children and adults of almost any age and ability.

The object of this fun game is to score points by throwing, rolling or pushing your Boccia balls closer to the jack than your opponent. 

It can be played by individuals, in pairs or in teams.

The Boccia Game Pack includes 13 balls (6 x red, 6 x blue and 1 x white ‘jack’ or target ball) and a rules booklet.

A durable ‘foamex’ ball ramp is also included, which helps users with limited mobility or strength to propel the balls more easily.

The inside section of the ramp can increase its length to up to 2 metres; it can also be removed to provide two lots of 1 metre ramps. 

The Boccia Game Pack is a great family activity that helps improve social skills, hand-eye co-ordination, all-round dexterity and athletic skill.

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