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Edge Corner Shower Stool

Edge Corner Shower Stool

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The Edge Corner Shower Stool is a compact shower stool.

It allows people with balance or lower limb strength restrictions to bathe in comfort and security.

The triangular shape makes it ideal for placing in the corner of a shower.

A moulded plastic construction makes the seat of the Edge comfortable and easy to clean.

The frame and legs are made from stainless steel for a blend of strength and water-resistance.

Non-slip rubber ferrules stop the Edge Corner Shower Stool from sliding during use.

The seat can also be tilted forward slightly to aid in rising.

Height of seat: 420-570mm (16 x 22 inch).

Width of seat: 450mm (17 inch).

Depth of seat: 390mm (15 inch).

Height: 420-570mm (16 x 22 inch).

Width: 520mm (20 inch).

Depth: 390mm (15 inch).

Weight: 2.6kg (1/2 stone).

Max safe user weight: 130kg (21 stone).

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