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Faux Leather Leg Rest

Faux Leather Leg Rest

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The Faux Leather Leg Rest is an attractive leg and foot stool with a classic faux-leather design.

It is generously padded, and features a contoured area in the middle which cradles the leg.

It is upholstered with high-quality PVC that resembles leather.

This has a very smooth texture and is easy to wipe clean.

The upholstery is water-resistant and hard wearing, ensuring that the quality is maintained throughout years of use.

The Faux Leather Leg Rest can also be adjusted in height to suit a wide range of individual needs.

It is the ideal accompaniment to your favourite armchair, providing healthy elevation, support and comfort to the leg and foot.

It is particularly helpful for people with poor circulation, joint pain or Arthritis.

Standard Height: 350mm (14 inch).

Height extends to:  508mm (20 inch).

Stool length:  470mm (18 3/4 inch).

Stool width:  394mm (15 3/4 inch).

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