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Foam Ripple Mattress Overlay

Foam Ripple Mattress Overlay

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This Foam Ripple Mattress Overlay can be placed on top of an existing mattress.

It has a memory foam construction that allows it to mould itself to the shape of the user.

This provides a more even distribution of weight and thus reduces the risk of pressure injuries.

The Foam Ripple Mattress Overlay is therefore ideal for bed bound people or those who spend extended periods in bed.

It can be used with a mattress elevator and flipped over to extend its life.

Thickness: 75mm (3 inch).

Single size: 1980 x 910mm (78 x 36 inch).

Double size: 19080 x 1730mm (78 x 54 inch).

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Made my hard mattress more comfortable to sleep on, for which I am grateful. I really need a softer mattress, but in view of the expense, this is a good alternative. I give it 4/5. Marion Iacopucci.

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