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Harley Tri-fit Maternity Belt

Harley Tri-fit Maternity Belt

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With three adjustable straps, this Harley Tri-fit Maternity Belt can be individualised to each wearer.

It can also be adjusted to fit throughout the pregnancy as the baby grows.

By supporting the sacroiliac and pubic areas the Harley Tri-fit Maternity Belt can reduce back pain.

It enables everyday tasks to be performed with less strain and pain and it also promotes better posture.

Hip size

1: 900-960mm (35-37 1/2 inches).

2: 960-1020mm (37 12-40 inches).

3: 1020-1080mm (40-42 1/2 inches).

4: 1080-1160mm (42 1/2-45 1/2 inches).

5: 1160-1260mm (45 1/2-49 1/2 inches).

6: 1260-1360mm (49 1/2-53 1/2 inches).

7: 1360-1460mm (53 1/2-57 1/2 inches).

8: 1460-1560mm (57 1/2-61 1/2 inches).

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