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Kanga Disposable Insert Pads

Kanga Disposable Insert Pads

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The Kanga Disposable Insert Pads are highly absorbent and easy to use, helping give peace of mind throughout your day.

They are designed to be used with the Kanga Pouch pants, which hold the pad firmly in place.

Once the pad is at maximum capacity, it can be disposed of and replaced easily.

If required, two Kanga Disposable Insert Pads can be used at one time, providing double the absorbency.

Comfortable, discreet and highly absorbent, Kanga Disposable Insert Pads are the ideal solution for moderate to heavy incontinence.

They are 100 percent bio-degradable, and available in two levels of absorbency.

Midi absorbency:  490ml.

Sold as a pack of 28 pads.

Maxi absorbency: 600ml.

Sold as a pack of 30 pads.

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