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Large Weather-Proof Key Safe

Large Weather-Proof Key Safe

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The Large Weather-Proof Key Safe is a modern and robust key management system that provides a safe means of access to a property.

Ideal for friends, family and carers, this large key safe reduces the number of key copies in circulation.

The safe has room to store up to five large keys (Yale or Chubb style).

The Large Weather-Proof Key Safe is designed with maximum safety in mind.

It features an automatic reset function each time the safe is opened or closed, preventing it from being left unlocked by mistake.

It also has a tough, weather-proof cover made from neoprene, which protects the safe and disguises it as an electricity hub.

The buttons on the unit are large and easy to press, suiting people with a visual or mobility impairment.

Simply set a memorable code and inform close friends or family, enabling instant access in case of an emergency.

The Large Weather-Proof Key Safe also saves the need to get up to answer the door to a trusted person.

It is easy to install and requires no maintenance.

Housing Associations and Local Authorities have been using Key Safes safely for years, with over a million units installed.

This Large Weather-Proof Key Safe gives peace of mind to elderly or vulnerable people, reassuring the person at home that they can be reached easily at any time.

Material: Zinc Alloy.

External height: 131mm (5 inch).

Width: 62mm (2 1/2 inch).

Depth: 59mm (2 inch).

Internal height: 110mm (4 inch).

Internal width: 56mm (2 1/4 inch).

Depth: 4mm (1 1/4 inch).

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