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Lotion Applicator And Massager

Lotion Applicator And Massager

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The Lotion Applicator And Massager helps apply products to the skin while giving a relaxing massage.

The top of the applicator is removable, allowing you to fill it with your favourite cream or lotion.

It is then applied gradually using the rotating balls, which give a pleasant massaging effect.

The Lotion Applicator And Massager has a long handle which enables anywhere on the body to be reached without effort.

Soothe and pamper the back, legs, feet or toes with this innovative pampering product.

The Lotion Applicator And Massager is ideal for elderly or less mobile people who struggle to bend over or twist to reach awkward places.

It is suitable for use in the bath or shower.

Length: 45cm (18 inch).

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