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Lumbar Spine Brace

Lumbar Spine Brace

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This Lumbar Spine Brace can be worn to support and stabilise the lower spine.

It is useful after an injury or operation and for attenuating chronic pain.

The Lumbar Spine Brace is constructed from a breathable mesh to make it comfortable and flexible.

It has four specially shaped spines in the back to offer bracing.

A double fulcrum straps secures it in place around the waist.

Small waist: 63-73cm (25-29 inch).

Medium waist: 74-83 (29-33 inch).

Large waist: 84-96 (33-38 1/2 inch).

Extra large waist: 97-109 (29-43 1/2 inch).

* Size refers to waist measurement.

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