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Multi-Purpose Jar And Bottle Opener

Multi-Purpose Jar And Bottle Opener

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The Multi-Purpose Jar And Bottle Opener is a fantastic kitchen essential for anyone who struggles to open jars, bottle caps, screw tops and ring pulls.

This multi-purpose tool takes the effort out of opening awkward lids, suiting those with a weak grip or limited dexterity.

It features a handle that provides great leverage for opening screw-on bottle tops.

Ring pull seals are easy to break by inserting the ring into the end of the opener, and gently lifting.

The notch on the underside of the opener can be used to break the seal on twist off jar lids.

The Multi-Purpose Jar And Bottle Opener also includes non-slip material patches (in blue), to prevent grip on the handle from slipping, and to secure the opener onto the bottle top.

Weight: 42g.

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