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Non-Slip Grab Rails

Non-Slip Grab Rails

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This cost effective range of Non-Slip Grab Rails have circular fixing plates with a covering disc.

The disc is clipped over the attachment screws, creating a fully insulated handle or rail.

The range consists of four rails, which are useful for the bathroom, corridors and stairways.

The rails are fluted to provide better grip for wet hands.

Please note that the centre, hand grip section is a very slightly darker, off white colour to aid visibility against white surfaces.

The Non-Slip Grab Rails can be added to any room in the house where added support is needed.

They are made from heavy-duty plastic, with built-up handles that are easy to grip.

A simple design makes the rails easy to install - simply screw the circular fixing plates into the wall.

The Non-Slip Grab Rails are ideal in environments that can be slippery, such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Diameter of tubes: 36mm (1 1/2 inch).

Distance from wall: 50mm (2 1/4 inch).

Disc diameter: 91mm (3 1/4 inch).

Four lengths are available:

Length: 304mm (12 inch) - 295g.

Length: 406mm (16 inch) - 395g.

Length: 457mm (18 inch) - 440g.

Length: 609mm (24 inch) - 595g.

It is recommended that a professional tradesperson installs the Grab Rails for maximum safety.

Customer Reviews

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I'm extremely happy with my purchase of the Moulded Fluted Grab Rail. It is an attractive design, easy to install and well and truly up to the job. I was also very pleased with the price. I am considering replacing the other ones in our bathroom and if I decide to, I'll certainly replace them with this design if it's still available. John Jasper.

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