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Paediatric Float Sling

Paediatric Float Sling

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Our Paediatric Float Sling is a safety tool that protects children during hydrotherapy.

It can also be used to transfer the child in and out of the pool.

The outer hem of the Paediatric Float Sling features a foam tube that allows it to float and maintain its shape in the water.

This allows the child to be easily floated on and off the sling.

Extra small: 420mm (16 1/2 inch).

Small: 580mm (23 inch).

Medium: 650mm (25 1/2 inch).

Medium/Large: 650mm (25 1/2 inch).

Large: 800mm (31 inch).

*Medium/large size features a larger aperture.

*Sizes refer to the length of the torso.

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