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Percussion Instrument Group Pack

Percussion Instrument Group Pack

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The Percussion Instrument Group Pack is a fantastic resource for groups of up to 30 people.

These high quality instruments are ideal for group activities, music therapy, schools or care homes, suiting a wide range of abilities.

Playing music in groups is proven to boost general well-being, community spirit and cognitive abilities in people of any age.

These instruments help people learn about rhythm, melody, timbre and group participation.

The Percussion Instrument Group Pack includes a strong storage tub to help organise or transport the instruments after use.

The recommended age is 3 and above.

The contents of the Percussion Instrument Group Pack are as follows:

Double Wooden Agogo, Tulip Block, Bass Claves (pair), Finger Castanets (2 pairs), 6 inch Triangle, Brass Finger Cymbals (2 pairs), Indian Bells - Twelve Bells (2 pairs), Jingle Stick, Tambour Wooden Shell, Wooden Two Tone Block, Claves (pair), Handled Castanets, one each of Maracas (pair), 8 inch Triangle, 5 inch Brass Cymbals (pair), Handbell -5 1/2 bells, 4 inch Cowbell and Beater, a Half Moon Tambourine and eight colour coded Chime Bars with Beaters.

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