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Physicool Bandages

Physicool Bandages

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These Physicool Bandages are a new design of reusable bandages that have combined support, compression and therapeutic cooling.

They work by drawing heat out through rapid evaporation, a more effective and natural method than products which encourage cool air in.

Physicool Bandages successfully relieve inflammation of tendons and ligaments.

The cooling effect lasts even after the bandage has been removed, quickly reducing swelling and pain.

Physicool Bandages are very easy to apply and remove, even with one hand only.

Two sizes are available to suit wrists, knees, elbows or ankles.

Cooling mists and sprays are also available to compliment the soothing effects the bandage, giving instant relief.

Physicool A Small: 10cm x 2m (4 x 80 inch).

Physicool B Large: 12cm x 3m (4 3/4 x 120 inch).

Physicool Coolant Spray: 500ml.

Physicool Combi Pack: 10cm x 2m bandage + 150ml Coolant.

Physicool Cooling Mist.

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