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Prone Support Wedge

Prone Support Wedge

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This Prone Support Wedge can be used to support the head and upper body when lying prone.

It is useful for people who have limited mobility and require extra stability.

The dense foam construction makes the Prone Support Wedge both soft and supportive.

It is supplied with a breathable PU cover with a zipper.

This cover can be wipe cleaned or machine washed when required.


Length: 300mm (12 inch).

Width: 300mm (12 inch).

Height: 25-75mm (1-3 inch).

Weight: 500g (17oz).


Length: 650mm (26 inch).

Width: 600mm (24 inch).

Height: 50-175mm (2-7 inch).

Weight: 2.5kg (1/2 stone).


Length: 650mm (26 inch).

Width: 600mm (24 inch).

Height: 50-250mm (2-10 inch).

Weight: 5kg (3/4 stone).

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