Revara Sports Half Finger Glove

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Our Revara Sports Half Finger Glove is designed for self-propelled wheelchair users.

The gloves are both comfortable and protective.

A mixed leather and fabric design makes them tough and hardwearing whilst remaining flexible.

The palm of the Revara Sports Half Finger Glove in non-slip to ensure a secure grip on the rails.

A half-finger design allows the user to still perform fine tasks such as using a phone.

The gloves feature finger loops that can be used to remove them more easily.

X Small: up to 7cm (2 3/4 inch).

Small: 8cm (3 1/4 inch).

Medium: 9cm (3 1/2 inch).

Large: 10cm (4 inch).

X Large: 11cm (4 1/4 inch).

XX Large: 12cm (4 3/4 inch).

*Size refers to hand width.

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