Atlantis Toilet Frame

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Manufactured from aluminium, the Atlantis Toilet Frame is ideally suited for use in the potentially wet toilet environment.

It is lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion.

The Atlantis Toilet Frame is useful for people who find transferring on and off the toilet difficult.

This could be due to a disability, old age or an operation.

Two side armrests give support whilst sat down and they also serve as leverage points when getting up.

People with poor mobility or leg strength will find using the toilet much easier.

With height adjustable legs, the Atlantis Toilet Frame can be made to suit most applications.

It has non-slip feet to stop it from sliding around and damaging the floor.

Width: 59.5cm (23 1/2 inches).

Depth: 46cm (17 inches).

Height: 66.5-76cm (26-30 inches).

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