Attendance Allowance is a benefit for those 65 or over with care needs as a result of a disability or health condition.

The criteria around the Attendance Allowance centre on the care or supervision the individual requires from a carer during the day and night.

The award of the Attendance Allowance does not involve a means test.

You can use this site to assess yourself for Attendance Allowance and then make a judgement as to whether or not you should apply.

You do not need to have paid insurance requirements to receive the benefit.

Unlike the Disability Living Allowance, the is no mobility component for Attendance Allowance.

At Welcome Mobility we describe the factors considered by the Department of Work and Pensions when assessing a claim for the allowance.

Attendance Allowance is paid at a higher and lower rate depending severity and nature of the individual's condition.

In some cases, a medical examination may be necessary for the Department of Work and Pensions to fully access your condition in relation to the claim for benefit.

Attendance Allowance can be granted even if you are not currently receiving assistance with your care needs.

There is not stipulation towards the way the Attendance Allowance is spent and it is paid directly to the affected individual, not the carer.

Please click here for a guide to completing the form to claim the Disability Living Allowance.

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