Bath Seats

A wide range of bath seats, stools and chairs made to be used in the bathtub itself. These are useful for those who might have trouble lowering themselves into the full depth of the bath. Swivelling bath seats and models with sucker feet are available.
A study PVC seat that can be fixed to the floor of a bath to provide a secure place to sit during bathing.
This sturdy plastic seat can be used to make bathing safer and more comfortable.
This simple bath seat makes bathing safer and easier for people with poor mobility.
A sturdy bath seat made from reinforced PVC, with large suction pads for easy installation.
A quick and easy solution for supported bathing without the need for DIY. This seat can simply be placed anywhere along the bath.
A sturdy plastic stool that can be used in the bath to provide a safe place to sit during washing.
An adjustable width bath seat that can be installed in seconds, increasing user safety while bathing.
A versatile bath seat which can be adjusted to four different heights, suiting a wide range of users.
A wall mounting kit designed to support swivelling bath seats or bath boards.
A moulded plastic bath seat that provides a safe and stable place to sit during bathing.
A moulded plastic seat that can be fixed to the bath floor and aid in bathing and bath transfers.
A supportive bath chair designed for corner baths, providing safety and comfort to users with restricted mobility.
This bath seat provides security during bathing and makes transferring in and out easier.
A safe and comfortable seat that makes bathing easier for people with limited mobility.
A versatile hoist which facilitates patient transfers in or out of the bath, available in two models.