Water-Resistant Cast Protector

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The Water-Resistant Cast Protector can be used in the bath or shower to prevent damage to casts or water contacting wounds to the skin.

This protector can be used on hand, arm, leg and ankle casts.

The durable plastic allows for multiple uses and features an access hole made from elastic to ensure a secure fit around the limb.

This protector is suited for bathing and showering but not swimming.

Dimensions –

Adult Long Leg: 101.6cm (40 inch).

Adult Short Leg: 59cm (23 inch).

Child Long Leg: 79cm (31 inch).

Child Short Leg: 46cm (18 inch).

Adult Long Arm: 99cm (39 inch).

Adult Short Arm: 56cm (22 inch).

Child Long Arm: 56cm (22 inch).

Child Short Arm: 46cm (18 inch).

Foot/Ankle: 24.4cm (10 inch).

Hand: 30.5cm (12 inch).

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