Hair Washing Aids

Here you will find aids to help with hair washing in the bathroom or bedroom. Inflatable and plastic versions are available as well as long handled hair washing tools to help reach the back of the head. These hair washing trays are available in a number of styles and can usually be despatched within one working day.
A hair washing cap that cleanses hair in one simple step - without bowls, shampoo or water.
This useful tool can be used to hold a shower head in a more appropriate position on the wall.
Long handled hair-styling tools which suit people who struggle to raise arms above the head.
A useful reaching aid that allows the user to wash their own hair without strain.
A long-handled brush that can be used for bathing by people with flexibility issues.
A useful inflatable basin that allows a person to have their hair washed in bed without causing a mess.
An inflatable basin that can be used to wash a person's hair.
A specially designed tray that enables hair to be washed in a sink.
This simple and effective shower bag allows a patient to be washed whilst in bed.
An inflatable PVC basin that can be used to make washing and shampooing hair more convenient.
An inflatable basin that can be used to wash hair whilst in bed.
A specially shaped tray that enables the washing of a person's hair whilst in bed.
A useful plastic tray that can be used to wash a person's hair in a sink.
This inflatable basin is useful for people who are confined to bed.
A simple yet useful stand that can hold a hairdryer in place during use.