Wall Mounted Shower Seats

Seats which fold up against the wall when note in use. Our wall mounted shower seats are ideal for preserving space in the shower cubicle.
A comfortable and secure seat that can be mounted to the wall in a shower or bath.
A moulded plastic seat that can be attached to the wall in the bath to provide a stable and secure seat.
A wall mounted shower seat that is large and sturdy.
A sturdy wall mounted shower seat with a comfortable padded seat.
A sturdy and comfortable wall mounted seat for use in the shower.
A slatted shower seat that can be mounted onto the wall.
A handy padded seat that can be fixed to the wall in a bath or shower.
A lightweight folding plastic seat with anodised aluminium frame.
A sturdy and secure seat that can be used as a seat during showering and bathing.
A sturdy aluminium shower seat that can be secured to the wall.
A strong wall-mounted shower seat with padded foam armrests and a backrest.
A sturdy shower chair that can be bolted to the wall and folded up when not in use.
A comprehensive shower seat that offers a supportive and secure place to sit during bathing and showering.
A extra comfortable and supportive shower seat with arm and backrests.