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Bed Fleeces - Wool

Bed Fleeces - Wool

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These Bed Fleeces - Wool are a high-quality mattress overlay.

They are made from 100% pure wool with a polyester backing.

This means that they are able to absorb moisture without feeling damp.

The dense fibres also aid in distributing the user's weight.

A reduction in pressure sores can then be observed when the Bed Fleeces - Wool is used.

Double: 1372 x 1524mm (54 x 60 inch).

Single: 914 x 1524mm (36 x 60 inch).

Narrow single: 686 x 1524mm (27 x 60 inch).

Hip or shoulder pad: 686 x 762mm (27 x 30 inch).

Heel/ankle pad: 381 x 762mm (15 x 30 inch).

Customer Reviews

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Have slept so well since buying this. It didn't feel hot at all in the recent heatwave and my pressure sores on my hips are starting to heal. Brilliant service and fast delivery.

I would give the bed fleece 5 stars for comfort and pressure relief. I was also delighted with the quick delivery time. Thank you. Lorraine Bold.

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