Glide Sheets

The glide sheets in this section facilitate easy patient transfer. These items are made to reduce friction between two surfaces and make it easy to slide weight across. These glide sheets are available in flat versions and in looped designs.

Gentle, low friction transfer sheets that are ideal for repositioning elderly or less mobile clients.
A useful transfer sheet that makes moving patients safer and easier.
A smooth glide sheet that facilitates patient moving.
A simple and effective glide sheet that makes patient transfers easier and safer.
A useful sheet that allows a patient to be moved safely and with less strain on the carer.
A range of transfer sheets that enable smooth and strain-free patient transfers.
A uniquely designed transfer sheet with a non-slip panel for safety.
A useful fabric sheet that allows for easy repositioning in a chair or bed.
A multipack of three popular sizes of the Multi- Mover Plus slide sheets, brightly coloured for easy identification.
This low-friction sheet makes moving and positioning patients easier and safer.
A uniquely designed sheet that enables patient repositioning and also stops them from sliding forwards.
A range of fabric sheets that can be used for patient repositioning.
A one-way slide sheet with a built-in pressure care foam pad, providing the patient with extra comfort.
A bed sheet and draw sheet that can be used together to make moving in bed easier.
This rotating disc and glide sheet makes patient transfers easier and safer.