Leg Supports

These leg supports designed to relieve pressure in bed. These can take the form of moulded foam, made to separate and lift one leg away from the other when the user sleeps on their side. The leg supports section also features leg raisers, also for use in bed.
A soft and supportive cushion that is secured between the knees during sleep, ideal for people with hip, knee or lower back issues.
A soft and comfortable knee support which encourages correct alignment and pressure relief while you sleep.
A memory foam support that can be placed between the knees during sleep.
A soft and supportive trough which cushions and elevates the whole leg.
A supportive leg trough that can be used to relieve pressure during extended periods laying in bed.
A specially shape support that can be used to elevate the legs whilst in bed.
A foam wedge that will support the legs in an abducted position.
A useful foot pad that can be used to provide a comfortable foot position whilst in bed.
A specially shaped foam roll that can help with lower limb positioning.