Pressure Relief Pillows

Specially designed pillows to relieve pain and pressure build up to the head, neck or back. These pressure relief pillows can significantly increase comfort for those who inexperience problems using normal a normal pillow. Included here are contoured pillows and those made with memory foam.
The original Harley pillow, contoured for optimum comfort and support to the head and neck.
A specially shaped cushion that supports the head and neck and keeps the spine in proper alignment.
A specially shaped pillow that can support the head and neck more effectively.
A specially designed pillow that supports the neck and head.
A memory foam pillow that is compact and ideal for travel purposes.
A dense-foam wedge that can be used to elevate either the head or the lower limbs whilst in bed.
A soft and comfortable pillow that is in a long 'V' shaped design.
A three-section pillow that can make sitting in bed more comfortable.
An inflatable neck pillow that cradles the whole neck area, ideal for relaxing, travel or sunbathing.
A soft, fibre-filled cushion that can support the head and neck during travel.
A large and comfortable V-shaped pillow that can be used in bed or a chair.
A soft and comfortable pillow with a waterproof and breathable cover.
A range of extra comfortable pillows with removable covers.
A polyurethane foam travel pillow and carry bag, designed to cushion and align the head, neck and shoulders.
An inflatable cushion that can be used as a lower back support.
Allows knees to be aligned with your pelvis, when sleeping on your side.
A specially designed memory foam pillow for use with a CPAP machine.
A memory foam pillow that has a cooling gel pad fixed to it.
Z-Tec Inflatable PVC Comfort Ring.
A lightweight inflatable head pillow that is ideal for use whilst travelling.
A range of positioning pillows filled with polystyrene beads.
A large V-shaped pillow with a soft, hollow-fibre infill.