Transfer Boards

These transfer boards are designed to assist in moving patients with minimum strain. These boards are a great tool in the bedroom and around the home. These robust transfer boards are portable and made to facilitate easy movement in a range of situations.
A birch plywood board that can be used for patient transfers.
A sturdy plywood board that can be used to move patients more safely.
A useful transfer board with a curved shape that makes it ideal for wheelchair transfers.
A specially shaped patient transfer board made from birch plywood.
These lightweight plastic transfer boards are ideal for self transfers when bridging small gaps.
A birch transfer board that has a curved shape to make it particularly useful for wheelchair based transfers.
A durable transfer board in a unique curving shape that enables easier assisted or self-transfer from one surface to another.
An extra wide, curved transfer board that is designed for larger and heavier people.
A useful transfer board that enables safe movement between beds, chairs and wheelchairs.
A birch plywood transfer board that can aid in safer patient moving.
An extra strong patient transfer board.
A unique loop design cushion that aids patient transfer, allowing backward movement only.
This transfer board enables easier and safer patient moving.
A high quality plastic transfer board that can be used to move patients in safety.
This patient transfer board is extremely strong and sturdy.
This curved board can be used to move patients without needing to lift them.
A smooth patient transfer slide with hand holes and a non-slip base, ideal for use with the Transfer Glide Sheet.
A transfer board that is shaped specifically to enable use with wheelchairs.
A versatile transfer board that can be used in a variety of situations.
A transfer board that is designed for moving between car seats and wheelchairs.
This versatile aid makes transferring and moving patients safer.
A convenient leg-lifting aid which raises or lowers the legs using an inflating device.
An inflatable leg lifter that can aid in getting into bed.