Useful Items

These items are designed to come in handy in bed or in the bedroom. Here you will find items like bed trays, blanket cradles and devices to adjust the height of ordinary beds.
A fantastic alternative to a soap and water bed bath, contained in one easy application.
These clips are useful for people who only have the use of one hand.
A pack of pre-moistened wipes that can be used to wash without water or soap.
A simple yet effective tool for reducing snoring.
A simple yet effective drinks bottle with a long hose.
A handy tool that allows a user to independently rise to a seated position whilst in bed.
A simple webbing strap with handles that can be used to assist a patient in rising from bed.
A set of four furniture height raisers which can be fitted to beds or chairs with legs.
A useful tool that enables a person to independently rise to a sitting position in bed.
A set of four cone-shaped furniture raisers which increase the height of beds or chairs.
A quick and effective spray for deodorising mattresses, eliminating bacteria and dust mites in seconds.
A soft, comfortable and spacious pair of socks suitable for use in bed and around the house.
A unique device that can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and reduce the occurrence of incontinence.
An alarm clock with a vibrating alert that can be placed under a pillow.
A anti-bacterial chemical formula that is designed to clean porta potties.
This rope ladder can be used in bed to achieve a sitting position.
A useful analogue clock that will say the time out loud.
With bold, clear and easy to read digits this is a high quality analogue wall clock.
An adjustable backrest that makes eating in bed and other activities easier.
A gently supportive yet flexible slipper with a wide opening and adjustable velcro fastening, ideal for wide or swollen feet.
A comfortable pair of mens slippers that can accommodate large and swollen feet.
A metal cradle that can be used to hold the bed covers away from injured lower limbs and thus allow air flow.
A pair of mens slippers with a large foot opening and a non-slip sole.
A flexible and supportive ladies' booty slipper that helps relieve sore or swollen feet.
A simple yet effective method for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.
A useful nylon strap with grab handles that can aid in sitting up in bed.
The Medi Hydra Pack allows hydration levels of patients to be easily managed and monitored.
A dense-foam wedge that can be used to elevate either the head or the lower limbs whilst in bed.
A metal frame that can be inserted under a mattress to keep the bed covers off of the users legs.
A pair of soft and padded elbow protectors that can prevent injuries and sores.