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Budget Collar

Budget Collar

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Our Budget Collar is an economical support aid for the neck.

It has a dense, closed-cell foam construction that makes it ideal for stabilising the neck and spine.

It is useful for people with neck injuries or those who are post-op.

The Budget Collar is also suitable for use at night during sleep.


Front depth: 7.5 (3 inch).

Circumference: 43cm (17 inch).


Front depth: 9cm (3 1/2 inch).

Circumference: 47cm (18 inch).


Front depth: 9cm (3 1/2 inch).

Circumference: 51cm (20 inch).


Front depth: 10cm (4 inch).

Circumference: 51cm (20 inch).

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Arrived promptly, and is easy to use. Very useful and helped my neck recover. Hina Pandya.

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