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Careline Carephone and Pendant Alarm

Careline Carephone and Pendant Alarm

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The Careline Carephone and Pendant Alarm is a fall detection system.

It can be worn by a patient and will notify a carer if the patient falls over.

The pendant is worn around the neck and has a sensor that detects any sudden drops or excessive movement.

There is also an emergency button that the wearer can press if necessary.

It is linked to the Carephone.

When activated, this unit will dial a pre-set number to alert the receiver of a fall.

The Careline Carephone and Pendant Alarm can thus be used remotely in an elderly or disabled person’s house to provide security.

It is simple to install by plugging it into an existing telephone and mains socket.

The pendant is waterproof to prevent damage and has a range of 100m.

Main unit

Height: 98mm (3 3/4 inch).

Width: 180mm (7 inch).

Depth: 58mm (2 1/4 inch).

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