Paediatric Feeding Aids

Here you will find paediatric feeding aids - plates and bowls designed for children. These items are made with built up sides or to help those with unstable or weak grip. This paediatric feeding aids sections also features bowls with suction bases to reduce spills.
This lid has a long and angled spout to make drinking easier and safer.
A discreet lid for mugs that will restrict the flow of liquid and prevent choking.
A simple yet effective tool that attaches a straw to the rim of a glass.
This useful cover can be placed over existing cups and beakers to reduce spillages.
A pack of two polypropylene drinking beakers and two lids with angled spouts.
Easy to use, one way straws which require minimal effort while drinking.
Adapted straws which clip onto any utensil, facilitating drinking of most liquids.
Durable yet lightweight melamine mug with a large handle and measurement markings, ideal for people with a weaker grip.
A smart anti-spill lid, designed to release liquid with little suction and prevent spillages.
A range of lids with straight spouts that make drinking easier and less likely to cause spills.
A specially designed cup that makes drinking easier.
A simple clip that enables a drinking straw to be held in place in a glass or bottle.
A useful dining aid that allows the user to eat with just one hand.
A durable yet lightweight mug with an extra large handle, ideal for people with limited dexterity or grip strength.
An insulated mug that can be used to keep cold drinks cool and hot drinks warm.
A useful plastic lid that can be fitted to a range of cups, beakers and mugs.
This eating dish has been designed to allow one-handed use.
This crockery is made from extra tough and durable Steelite for a long and useful life.
A specially designed plate that enables the user to dine with just one hand.
A handy plate that is split into three sections enabling it to be used to control and monitor portions.
A specially designed eating dish that enables one-handed eating.
A large, high-sided bowl with non-slip feet, ideal for preventing spillages while eating.
A durable plastic dish and lid which keeps food warm, ideal for people who take longer to finish a meal.
A specially designed plate that enables one-handed eating.
A range of flexible plastic cups that have a front cut-out to accommodate the nose.
A unique drinking cup with a rotating handle that reduces spills and wrist strain.
Flexible drinking straws containing a one-way valve, enabling easy and comfortable drinking.
This bowl and plate have been designed for children with poor hand and grip function.
An easy to hold melamine plate and bowl designed for children.
A durable plate divided up into separate compartments, ideal for portion control and easier loading of food onto cutlery.