Paediatric Mobility

Devices to help children who need assistance with walking or general mobility. Here you will find paediatric mobility aids like wheeled walkers and crawling aids. Children's crutches are also included in this section.
A pair of specially designed crutches that are suitable for use by children.
A pair of well designed crutches that are more comfortable and safer to use for children.
A fully waterproof poncho for children using wheelchairs, available in three sizes.
A pair of children's crutches that can be adjusted as the child grows.
A weather cover that can be used to keep the legs of child wheelchair users warm and dry.
Wheel resistance devices specially designed for use with the Nimbo Posterior Posture Walker .
A height adjustable walking frame that is designed for use by children.
Replacement wheels for the Nimbo Walker, allowing easy use on all terrains including outdoors.
A folding, detachable seat ideal for use with the classic Nimbo Walker, providing addition comfort and opportunity for rest.
A fully adjustable forearm platform and mounting bracket device designed for use with all Nimbo frames.
A unique mobility aid which supports the user from behind, promoting upright posture and trunk extension.
A scooter board with four wheels that can be used to develop neuro-motor skills.
A movement and balance tool that can be used by children in therapy.
A high quality pushchair designed for children that require additional support.
A wheeled walking frame that can assist children in movement.
Facilitates the development of upper extremity strength and endurance.
A comprehensive system that can be used in sensory integration therapy.
A brightly coloured tilting table that can be used for the treatment of children.